Here we made a suggested restaurants in Cappadocia that you may have a choice according to your taste and location. Be kindly know that all the restaurants indicated below has their own serenity and authentic atmosphere.

These restaurants are listed according to the guests review and we, as Anthesis Travel team have been in each of them with our own experience,point of view.

Prokopi Restaurant

You never know if you’re getting the best deal and you can spend hours and hours trying to sort out your plans. You tell us what you want and we’ll get you the best travel arrangements available within your parameters. We do the work, while you turn your attentions to the things you do best.

Prokopi is designed for you to enjoy local, seasonal food and award-winning wine and spirit offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for casual light fare or an elegant dining experience, Prokopi Restaurant can satisfy your appetite.

Delight in prime steaks, seafood, homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and artisan-crafted desserts and pastries created by renowned chefs from the tri-state area.

A local Turkish restaurant based in the heart of Cappadocia - Ürgüp. We have a beautiful enclosed seating area outside as well as elegant tables with stylish decoration inside.

Whether for an intimate special night out, a casual meal, or a small to large special occasion, Prokopi has something for everyone.

IL Gusto Restaurant

Just step inside IL Gusto’s Italian Restaurant, with its well-finished yet easygoing spaces and the smells of true Italian cooking, and you will feel a bit at home. This is because of the hard work of the master chefs of the restaurant, which can be summarized in two words: quality and tradition.

The restaurant has for the selection of the ingredients and the choice of menu, with recipes from the deepest culinary traditions of the different regions of Italy, and everything at IL Gusto’s, from bread and desserts to pasta, is rigorously hand-made.

Caverna Restaurant

Situated on a hill overlooking Cappadocia Valleys and Historical area, this spectacular restaurant nestled under the brand of Yunak Evleri; has been the perfect getaway for a unique casual dining experience for visitors.

Our menu still features thick steaks and chicken dishes, but the restaurant also serves up popular Cappadocian local cuisines like pottery kebab,grape leaves,ravioli etc.. besides, steaks, grilled chicken, enormous pizzas, salads and special menus like tandori lamb.

A full bar with a good Cappadocian wine list and fresh juices are also big hits. Our multi-level restaurant features outdoor and indoor dining with sweeping views of caves, special dining terraces with lovely furnitures, an indoor bar with waiting area, a relaxing view garden and a fireplace corner.


The cafe is one of the few places in the area where guests can enjoy a variety of cocktails and liqueurs, along with fine food.

In the beginning, only cocktails, tea and coffee, along with cookies and cakes, were served. A friend gifted to Nuray the proprietary recipe for their signature dessert, the Ziggy Sweet.

As time passed, the menu evolved. At first it featured innovative salads and pasta dishes, based on Cappadocia’s regional cuisine and produce. At present, the menu includes a variety of traditional and contemporary Turkish mezes, along with selected main dishes.

Ali Ozkan, the chef, has worked abroad and in Istanbul and Bodrum, and ensures the highest quality and consistency of every dish served.

Millocal Restaurant

Imagine a neighbourhood where the residents have got together and built themselves a stone bakery. Imagine also that these people have baked bread and other foods at that bakery…and in time, they left that neighbourhood, that town and that bakery and moved elsewhere. Decades went by and that bakery as well as houses in that neighbourhood became ruins. Then, they decided to build a hotel out of these ruins and restore the bakery.

Then, food that was baked in this stone oven began to be served to the guests of the hotel’s restaurant. That hotel is the Millstone Caves Suites and the Restaurant is the Millocal Restaurant. Food that is cooked for hours in the oven of that bakery is brought to the tables of the guests. That is why the restaurant is called Millocal restaurant, reminiscent of the smoking, flaming taste of the food that has just come out of that oven.

Seten Restaurant

Savor local dishes, made fresh daily in the traditional method. The menu offers delicious local appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts from across Cappadocia. Daily, the local women of Goreme prepare the special items such as Yaprak Sarma (stuffed grape leaves), Çiçek dolması (stuffed pumpkin blossoms), flat bread, soups, baked okra – all in the restaurant courtyard over an open fire, tandir or on traditional low wooden tables.

They also offer traditional grilled items each evening. The special hanging grill technique is the same used for generations in this area. All of their menu items come from local sources – from the local women creating traditional dishes, to the locally made and farmed organic produce, and the home-made sauces and spice mixtures.